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Results, Measurement and ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is often discussed and debated with coaching and training companies.  Businesses want to know what the financial benefit to their organisation will be as a result of a learning intervention.

In our mind, a programme has not been successful if leaders do not start to notice immediate changes in behaviour from attendees on our programmes


Our aim is always to make an immediate difference that is noticeable upon return to work.


The best results are qualitative comments from attendees themselves: 

  • "I've now started tackling that underperformer in my team"

  • "Made me think and realise I have choice"

  • "It's not going to happen unless I do something about it" 

  • "I've truly stepped up and made things happen"

To us, even more powerful are the comments we regularly hear from the leaders of our attendees: 

  • "I don't know what you did to my people but I want more of it"

  • "I've started to see my people REALLY stop and think, realise that they have no evidence and go away and tackle the situation"


We recognise that the leaders who commission us to work with their people also like to see quantitative results too.

We look at each programme we create and aim to show meaningful results that clients can use and work with.

  • Below is an example of measurement we provided to a recent client for whom we coached 210 clerical workers on self-leadership and engagement.


Example summary of results and ROI for a Self-Leadership and Engagement Programme run for a financial services sector client


210 sessions attendees were asked:-
"As a direct result of this programme, I feel more able to":




 Take responsibility for my job/career96%4%

 Give feedback94%6%

 Ask for feedback97%3%

 Enjoy my job more94%6%

 Be more motivated more of the time97%3%

 Speak up more94%6%


ROI for this programme

  • additional productivity gained equates to over £169,000 (USD200,000, EUR192,000) 

  • for an investment of £20,000 (USD25,000, EUR22,000)


If you would like more information on how we calculated this ROI please contact us for an explanation.

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