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The fast track

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Leadership Solutions

Design and delivery of bespoke training solutions for organisations:​

  • in the public and private sectors

  • large and small in the UK, Europe and across the globe

Coaching on a one-to-one basis to:

  • raise self-awareness

  • challenge existing thinking

  • consider new ideas and opportunities

  • discuss issues and solutions

  • act as impartial and "safe ears"

Working with technologies such as Zoom we can deliver the same experience online as we offer in the real world




Our Approach

  • Partner with clients to create programmes and solutions which align with their culture and goals.

  • Design specific programmes for each client:

    • using language, examples, scenarios, department names familiar to all attendees 

    • include discussion case-studies to reflect the culture and goals of each client

  • Use action-based learning sets to:

    • help attendees help themselves

    • reinforce learning back in the workplace

  • Offer new and exciting opportunities for collaboration 



Fast Track works with organisations and individuals to increase performance.

Our focus is on 

  • leadership development

  • supporting leaders through 1-1 coaching

  • standard learning modules, including

    • presentation skills

    • interviewing skills

    • feedback skills

    • motivation

    • executive coaching 

    • business leadership training

    • and more

We work in the development of leaders at all levels in the leadership journey 

  • new starters in an organisation who are required to self-lead

  • those in senior and executive role who lead functions, divisions or organisations.


We deliver events in the real and virtual world

  • we have been working with clients using Webex, Zoom, Connect for a number of years​​

We offer clients assessment and feedback

  • in 1:1 coaching and team development

  • using accredited instruments including:

    • FIRO-B,

    • MBTI Step I and II

    • CCL 360 Assessment Suite

    • Tetramap

    • ESCI 360

Jonathan Forrest

Jonathan Forrest is the owner and principal consultant at Fast Track.

Initially training as an opera singer, Jonathan went on to hold senior roles at Sungard, NatWest Bank and Logica CMG. 

His last corporate role was at Goldman Sachs as an Executive Director where he created and rolled-out the in-house global leadership development programme 

Jonathan works with a team of trusted consultants who have also held senior positions in the corporate world before becoming full-time facilitators and coaches.

Each consultant brings their own unique skills and insights to the team. What unites them all is a combination of world-class coaching/training skills, real business experience and a passion for the work that they do.

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Find out about Jonathan Forrest and Andrew Hughes-Hallett's book - Keep Calm and Carry On



 Many thanks to both of you for a very interesting and fun seminar



Group Work
We run  training programmes for a wide variety of different organisations

  • We've worked with large and small organisations in the public and private sectors

  • Programmes have run in the UK, Europe and all over the globe. ​

  • Our diverse client-base includes organisations in the financial services, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, technological, charitable and food sectors


Executive Coaching and Mentoring
We help executives on a 1:1 coaching/mentoring basis raise their awareness.

  • Coaching works well for senior executives where time is at a premium and they need to be able to talk about issues on a one to one basis - we also, however, coach and mentor at many different levels within an organisation.

Our Approach
We partner with clients to create programmes aligned to their culture.

  • We use many models across our programmes to support learning and may use similar models 

  • each programme is fully tailored to each client and will use the appropriate corporate language, together with relevant in-house examples, scenarios, department names etc. which attendees will recognise and understand immediately.

    • We will often include discussion case-studies in our programmes, designed in consultation with clients, to ensure that they reflect the unique culture of each client.

    • We encourage the use of action learning sets to help attendees to "help themselves" and to reinforce their learning when they return to the workplace.

    • We don't run standard, off-the-shelf programmes.


Recent Programmes

  •  Leading self and others

  •  1:1 Coaching for senior Sales Executives

  •  Client services training

  •  Facilitation for leadership off-sites

  •  Presentation skills for non-presenters

  •  Senior sales leadership

  •  Leading self and others 

  •  Keynote speech on Employee Engagement

  •  Feedback skills

  •  Leadership 

  •  Influencing skills for LGBT network

  •  Global leadership 

  •  Keynote speech on self-leadership

  •  1:1 coaching for 27 newly-appointed  Managing Directors

  •  Global culture change/leadership 

If you would like any information about any of the above or would like to see the outline/agenda for the intervention, please contact us.



We'd love to hear from you

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